The price list below gives an idea of the prices for a range of items like those displayed in my gallery. I also make bespoke and personalised pieces. The prices vary depending on size, complexity and level of decoration.

Let me know what you'd like and I'll tell you if its possible and what it would cost.

Items which I have in stock can usually be dispatched within 2 working days. For made-to-order pieces, please allow 5 weeks for delivery.

If you are interested in selling my work, please contact me for wholesale prices.



Small bowls (around 10cm diameter)                                                     £22-24

Pasta bowls (flat, low, around 18cm diameter)                                        £26-30

Cereal/soup bowls (around 14cm diameter)                                            £24-30

Small serving bowl (around 20cm diameter)                                           £49-70

Medium serving bowl (around 28cm diameter)                                        £69-90

Large serving bowl (32-40cm)                                                                £90-170

Personalised wedding/commemorative bowls (small/med/large)    £65/£85/£90-150 each

Plates and platters

Small plate (around 20cm diameter)                                  £25-30

Large plate (around 28cm diameter)                                  £35-50 

Serving platters (33cm- 42cm diameter)                            £75-150 

Large square serving platter (31cm square)                        £45-60

long thin oblong platter (41x14 x3.5cm)                             £34-44

large oval serving platter (41 x 32 x 5cm)                           £75-100

Med. Oval serving platter (33 x 23 x 3.5)                             £45-60

Small oval plate (28 x15cm)                                                £25-30

Personalised wedding/commemorative plates (small/large/platter)         £45/£75/£90-150 each



Straight or belly mugs, small  (8 diameter x 8 tall approx, 250ml)   £22

Straight or belly mugs (9 diameter x 9.5 tall approx, 350ml)           £25

Mugs with a frog in the bottom (9 diameter x 9.5 tall approx)          30



Tiny pourer (no handle)                                                              £17

Small  (8cm diameter x 9cm tall, 200ml approx)                         £26-30

Medium (12 diameter at base x 16 tall, 700-800ml)                   £40-55

Large jugs (12 diameter at base x 25 tall, 1.5-2 litres)                 £65-90



Small (2-3 mug)                                                                    £50-65

Medium (3-4 mug)                                                                £55-75

Large (5-6 mug)                                                                    £70-95



Small (around 9cm high)                                                        £17-20

Medium (around 15cm high)                                                   £36-48

Large (25cm+ high )                                                                £60-90



Lidded casserole                                                                       £55-70

Open oven dish                                                                          £40-70



Teabag saucer (10.5cm diameter)                                           £11

Garlic/ginger grater (10cm diameter)                                       £12

Spoon rest (12cm diameter)                                                    £14

Large saltpig with spoon                                                          £36

Small saltpig with spoon    (10.5cm diameter)                          £28

Oil lamp                      (10.5cm diameter)                                 £24

Nibbles bowls                                                                            £22-60
(2 or more bowls joined together various sizes)

Egg cup                                                                                    £14

rectangular soap dish with feet and drainage hole                      £15

Small picture tile (10 x 10 square) with slot  for hanging and small rubber feet for coaster use    £14

large tile 14 x 14 square (10 x 10 square) with slot  for hanging and small rubber feet for coaster use  £18


Postage and packaging is additional and will be calculated based on the weight of items ordered.

I use PayPal as the payment processor for online transactions on my site. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to buy something from me, though. If you don’t have a PayPal account, then PayPal accepts payments from all of the major credit card companies.


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